Product Info

Floor and Tile Stripper

Floor and Tile Stripper

  • Manufacturer: Taylor Tools
  • SKU: 08-007
  • Model Number: 462

A. Push Plate
Contributes to operator comfort

B. Blade Angle Adjustment
Lets you dial in the precise angle you need of maximum stripping production

C. Flex-Weight
Remove supplementary weight for faster speed. 
Add weight for extra-front force for more difficult removals.

D. Locking Mechanism
Secures blade angle after adjustment

E. Articulating Suspension
Keeps blade engaged to the floor at all times

F. Ball Bearing Construction
For quieter, more dependable operation

Rental Rates
  • 24 Hour
  • Half Day
    $45.00 minimum
  • Day
Purchase Price
  • $499.00