All rentals have a 10% damage waiver. Ask for details when reserving.

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23lb power unit

Augers available: 2", 4", 6" and 8"

Honda GX35, 4-stroke Engine

Rent from $30.00


Massachusetts requires a MA hoisting license for this rental.

The MT55 boasts even more power to tackle big jobs in close quarters with impressive traction and lifting abilities. It turns quickly in its tracks, treads lightly over soft ground and lawns and provides endless work-saving opportunities using many different Bobcat attachments. Used by itself or as a complement to bigger loaders, this is one great work-saver.




Auger- 9" 12" and 24" bits available

Rent from $150.00


3 Ton, Extra Heavy Duty Cable Puller With Double Line, For Stretching, Pulling Or Bracing, Equipped With 18' Of Special Flexible 5/16" Wire Cable, Tackle Block & Hook On End Of Cable, For Farms, Trucks, Oil Fields, Mining, Ship Yards, Railroads, Factories, Garages, Contractors, Utility Companies

Rent from $15.00


Towable- 2" ball

6" 8" 10" 12" bits available

12" and 24" extensions available

Forward and reverse auger rotation

Rent from $55.00