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Vermeer has expanded its stump cutter lineup offering increased options for the customer. The new SC362 stump cutter was developed with rental yards and tree care contractors in mind offering a compact, high horsepower machine for stump removal. Equipped with a 35-hp (26.1 kW) Vanguard engine, a hydraulic ground drive and a belt driven cutter head, the SC362 provides operators with ample power and maneuverability to take out medium-sized stumps with the productivity and reliability that the field demands.

Rent from $155.00


Vermeer stump grinder SC130 is equipped with a Honda engine with heavy duty cyclone air filters, high performance centrigual clutch and heavy duty disc brake syst in attition to Ingersoll Rand bearings, super traction Snow Hog tires, Super 2-V banded drive belt and the patented Vermeer cutter wheel guard system.

Vermeer's stump grinder contains an aggressive cutting wheel prividing a great power to weight ratio and removes the risk of clutch burn out. The dual grip rubber mounted handlebar minimizes vibration based on machine angle and operator height.

Rent from $120.00


The revolutionary STX26 Stump Grinder takes ease of use to new levels for stump grinding. Employing the patented Toro TX control system and a dedicated set of tracks, the STX26 makes operation, maneuverability and side hill stability as simple as pushing a shopping cart. Plus the STX26 is fully hydraulic, meaning no belts to maintain and replace! It also features easy to replace, 3-position Green Teeth

Rent from $135.00