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Little Wonder 9HP Blower

Little Wonder 9HP Blower


Little Wonder Optimax blowers with 25 square inches of steady, less turbulent air stream and Split-Stream air deflector allow you to get the job done faster in all conditions. This patented design positions chute just 2" off the ground and with two air streams ensures leaves and debris are blown away and not back to you. The air deflector on these powerful blowers can be set to easily move huge piles of leaves, peel stubborn residue off the ground, or move standing water

• Durable all steel housing
• Patented split-stream "set-and-forget" air deflector
• Integrated front/side discharge
• Height adjustable handles
• Remote throttle control
• Honda GX270 9hp engine


  • 24 Hour
  • Half Day
    $40.00 minimum
  • Day